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Liyana Azam E-Day

Mama + Me
Lia + Noy + Azam
Happening Cousins
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12/01/08: It's the 5th month I am proudly so called a fiance to Rizal. Today's joy added as another cousin of mine had her E-Day. Liyana (Noy) had been merrily celebrated by family members as her engagement to Azam. Both of my age. It's a whole lot of fun. As this 2008 alone, will witness 3 weddings of Mak Pah's grand daughters: Dada wed to Faizal (May), Noy wed to Azam (June) and Me wed to Rizal (July). I bet Mak Pah will be the happiest granny in the world. And of course, all of our parents who will be receiving son in-law soon.

The theme of the day was Purple. I love those hantarans made by Mama Yus. (Previously mine were all made by Mama herself.) I went there by noon with Mak Pah and Mama Lin. Honestly, I was starving like hell. I didn't have my breakfast. I couldn't find food. They only served food at 4pm. Truly keroncong dangdut my stomach growled. (*A reminder for me next time if I'd like to host a feast/kenduri... Do serve some kueh or biscuits as we'll never know some may come empty stomach and expect at least some light food.)

The event was a quick one. Compared to mine. My family and Rizal's met for the first time on the day of my E-day itself, and it bragged on as they discussed about both our elder sisters who haven't got married yet (langkah bendul). Since both Azam and Noy's family have met each other several times, they looked like have been bonded and close. So there's nothing much to be discussed during Noy's discussion. Except just the announcement of the proposed wedding date and dowry. Noy will received RM 8910.11. While last time, mine (RM 6666.66) and Dada (RM8000.00).. I may got the littlest dowry, but I do not care so much of it. It's truly hard to earn money these days. I do not really expect and demand much, enough with the solemnization moment (nikah) -- I'd be truly blessed even without lavish affair. Just as long as I won Rizal and beat the rest girls who after him.

It rained in the evening and the food served were very tempting and delicious. The event went smooth and of course the hosts tried very hard to make it as perfect as can be, though flaws were pretty normal.

Gosh.. why all of us being so "sangap" at the same time?? Hehe. But I guess, it's our call. Especially for me. As Rizal is not that young anymore. Day by day, he begins developing strict and father like attitude. Very much of protective and controlling. .........Yet, I fall for him even more.

I used to read this phrase from somewhere:

"Be with the man whom you can't live without, NOT the man whom you can live with."

Which is soooo true.

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My 2008 New Year's Eve

The High Five
After The Star-Gazed & Laid Down
Sekfan Time
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It's been sumtimes since I had my holiday. Normally a family outing. So the babes at the office suggested to go away from the hustle bustle of city to downtown. So we went to Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah, Malacca. The jouney was on the Monday itself (31/12). We took half day. And it was scorching sizzling hot that day. Poor Kak Ita, who had to drive all the way from KL-PD-Malacca. It was tiring and we talked until I felt asleep. Meanwhile for Kak Ita, her mint flavoured Mentos kept her awake. We went there 2 cars. Kak Nurul were together with Kak Naz and Kak Yatie. The reason I called them "kakak" is because all of them are above 30. I'm the only muda remaja. Well the fact that I'm the youngest lecturer teaches at my college.

We dropped by at Kak Ita's Mak Angkat's house somewhere at PD then had luncheon at Jom Makan Restaurant after PD Toll. We continued our journey and checked in around 4pm. Activites started around 6pm when we went out looking for fresh seafood sold. We bought shrimps, cuttlefish and cockles. For marinated chicken and stingrays been prepared earlier. The BBQ started at 7.30pm, since we all girls, I didnt know what took us an hour to start the fire. Haha. Really modern girls lack of survival skills. Such a hardwork, only then we remembered we forgot to bring our turpentin. (Duhhh~!)

We BBQ-ing until 10.45pm and began eating our dilisyes meal for the night. It's truly amazing seeing how all the five girls bonded like sisters. Being the youngest, well they are much more than sisters to me. Seriously that's the best hangout, when we laughed and talked non-stop for the night. Finished eating, we kept away all the rubbish and leftovers. I was so full that night.

Next, we had our stargazing activity. Y'know at the city we wouldn't have chance to really enjoy the quiteness and the dark sky plus the wave sounds.. Peace. Serenity. We talked about future plans ahead. Midnite stroke. We can see from far the not-so-dramatic-but-okay the fire crackers. Perhaps done by the villagers. Some fishermen also just arrived at the shore.

Night went over. I slept at 2am. Woke up early morning then had breakfast at kampung roadside stall. So refreshing. I felt "kampung" that day. Then off to the beach. I always always had soft spot for beach. Though I'm stupid at swimming, but I enjoyed the salty water. Time to go home, we checked out at 12.30pm, had lunch at KSB. Both cars separated headed off to KL. I slept at Kak Ita's and went to the office the next day with a whole brand new year's resolutions.


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